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Food Products img Feeding  img Aluve Manchegos Catalogo Quesos
Aluve Manchegos Catalogo Quesos
Aluve Manchegos Catalogo Quesos

Aluve Manchegos Catalogo Quesos

Brand:Aluve Manchegos

Produced in the region of Castilla La Mancha Spain, Manchego cheese is made from milk from a very old breed sheep subjected to strict
morphological and health checks. The Manchego cheese is unique thanks to the extreme weather that characterizes the region, irreproducible
anywhere else in the world. This climatic peculiarity gives organoleptic properties which make it a unique product both within and outside
Cheese Manchego is a “Controlled Appellation of Origin since 1984, and is a complete food, which contains all the nutritional
qualities of milk, and has a high proportion of protein, making it even more nutritious than meat, also is high in vitamins A, D and E content,
essential in the metabolic process, calcium absorption, and the conservation and regeneration of tissue, which is why their intake is
recommended for all ages.
Aluve – “Manchegos” From our factory in Cuenca in the ground of Castilla La Mancha - Spain, we manufacture our traditional cheese
made with care by our master craftsmen using selected raw materials from Spain. To get a unique product with high quality and affordable.

Aluve Manchegos Catalogo Quesos (Pdf)

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