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Jueves 29 de Enero 2015

Does your store have WiFi? A study shows that this service increases customer loyalty

Technology has come to trade to stay, however doubts about what tools to use are created, so new payment systems, barcode scanners, QR codes, Internet networks or RFID tags are some of the innovations that come the point of sale, but what are the real benefits of these technological advances?

A study by US provider EarthLink Cloud Solutions Holdings Corp. and its partner IHL Group, analyzed the advantages to be reported to trade by the installation of a WiFi network. According to the report, 28% of respondents retailers ensures that this service has gotten better customer loyalty. In addition, 57% of them offer this service to both clients and their employees.

It is not surprising that these findings, obtained through consultations retailers medium size located in the United States, can be extrapolated to a global scale, especially in a year like 2015, in which experts predict a definitive takeoff of omni channel and e-commerce. Ultimately, it is the customers to buy where and when they want, breaking the barriers between the physical and digital world. Thus, the establishment offers WiFi connection can become an ideal to query in your shop or even the starting point for online order place.

Source: Profesional Retail

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