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Jueves 29 de Enero 2015


The Mediterranean diet is not a “diet” per se, Its heart is a mix of the traditional delicious food and healthy eating habits of people living mainly in the European countries around the Mediterranean sea.  

The Mediterranean Diet could be considered the gold standard in a healthy eating plan based on typical foods and recipes of Mediterranean-style cooking. New studies appear regularly on leading scientific journals, supporting the healthfulness of the Mediterranean Diet.  

…but what is the Mediterranean Diet?  
The Mediterranean Diet is a pattern of food proportions, rather than a set list of particular products, superfoods or recipes. As such, there are many possibilities to be creative using locally sourced and affordable produce, according to your taste.  

The Mediterranean Diet is rich in vegetables, fruit, peas and beans (legumes) and grains. It also contains moderate amounts of chicken and fish.  

There is little red meat and most fat is unsaturated and comes from olive oil and nuts. Having a small amount of red wine has been shown to increase the health benefits.  

In combination with moderate exercise the Mediterranean Diet offers a scientifically researched, affordable, balanced, and health-promoting lifestyle choice.  

Studies confirm that this diet scores big for health benefits such as:  
Reverse heart disease.
Lower cholesterol without medications. 
Will help people suffering of hypertension.
Lose weight safely, with long term benefits. 
Help prevent Diabetes. 
May modify estrogens level. 
People from the Mediterranean countries have lower rates of hip fractures. 
Antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables play an important role in cognitive capacity. 

In conclusion Mediterranean diet is an eating plan that can help promote health and prevent disease and is one your whole family can follow for good health in an easy way.   

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