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Jueves 29 de Enero 2015

Online supermarkets now more expensive

Prices for online supermarkets in Spain increased by 0.4% in 2014, according to results of a study by Soysuper. 

The first analysis of price developments in the online supermarket prepared by the aggregator has taken into account the prices of all products (108,000), both branded manufacturer and brand distribution of the six major online supermarkets in Spain in the last year. 

As stated in the study, in early 2014 the annual price increase was 1.2%, while in September fell to neutral levels (0%) and increased again in December to 0.4%. With this you can confirm that there are no deflation in prices in the retail industry in Spain, say from Soysuper. 

Only some big chains have lowered the price of its products in 2014. The other retailers have mostly maintained or increased their online rates. 

In terms of product categories, which have risen the most are seasonal products (2.4%), pasta, beans and rice (2.2%) and frozen (1.4%). By contrast, the categories that have lowered their prices are more pet products (2.2%), perfumery and beauty products (1%) and coffees, cocoas and infusions (0.5%).
Source: Revista infoRETAIL

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